Portrait by Bree Sopatyk

SANTIAGO WAS RAISED AND CURRENTLY RESIDES IN VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA. ON GOOD DAYS, HIS WORK SEEMS TO OCCUPY THE ETHEREAL SPACE BETWEEN THE HUMAN SUBCONSCIOUS, DREAM, AND REALITY. He continually Draws from his academic background in psychology to make powerful and exquisite photographs.  he reads steppenwolf religiously. on long drives, he listens to nicolas jaar. the fate of society is a subject that worries him. he's a thinking man's man but he is neither brilliant nor a visionary. he enjoys the company of dogs more than people. He has a long standing love affair with natural light. he likes his scotch on the rocks. He FINDS MUCH WISDOM IN THE SOUNDS, SMELLS, AND SIGHTS OF FORESTS, MOUNTAINS, AND OCEANS. he makes photographs to reconcile his struggle against the fleeting nature of life. he doesn't take himself as seriously as these words may suggest. HE'S SINCERELY GRATEFUL THAT YOU'VE STOPPED BY.